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The Summer 2021 issue of First & Fastest includes:

On CA&E's Branches 1947–1958:
The Photography of Stanley T. Bristol

From the Collection of Mark A. Bristol.
Current Day Photos by Mark Llanuza. Captions by Norman Carlson

Growing Up Along the North Shore in Waukegan
by William R. Coulson

My Favorite Hometown Railroad
by Bon French

Working on the Illinois Central Was a Family Tradition
John F. Humiston Photos and Captions.
Richard Humiston Collection. Paul Jevert Family Notes

Last Station Stop in a Street
by Norman Carlson. All Photos by Bruce Stahl Except as Noted

In Memory of John Horachek
by Eric Bronsky, Shore Line's Founder

In Memory of Mike Galbraith
by Norman Carlson

Sam Insull's First Investments in Indiana Traction:
Louisville to Indianapolis

Photos by John F. Humiston, Richard Humiston Collection.
Text and Captions by Norman Carlson

Streetcars and Chicago's River Bridges
by Richard F. Begley

Elevating the Douglas Park "L": The Campbell Bridge
and Western Station Reach Lofty New Heights!

by Bruce G. Moffat. All Photos from the Author's Collection

Branch Line Apprentice to
Dispatching One of the World's Busiest Railroads

by Thomas G. Hoback. All Photos and Artwork from
His Collection Except as Noted

Metra Passenger Locomotive Summary – 2021
by Bruce C. Nelson. All Photos by the Author Except as Noted

Insull's Smaller Empire
conducted by Eric Bronsky


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  First & Fastest, Summer 2021  
  Front Cover: In the Fall of 1958, this westbound freight is about to cross Raymond Street at the very south end of Elgin. Just ahead is the sweeping curve under The Milwaukee Road and C&NW that will bring the railroad along the eastern shore of the Fox River. —Stanley T. Bristol photo, Mark A. Bristol Collection.
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